80th Anniversary of the opening of St. Joseph's Church

On Friday 21st November 2008, St Joseph's Church celebrated the 80th Anniversary of the Church opening in Newbury.

Monsignor Vincent Harvey former Parish Priest at St. Joseph's joined us in helping to celebrate such a magnificent milestone. He was Parish
Priest at St. Joseph's from 1990 – 1996 taking over from Canon Zollo who retired after a staggering 36 years at St. Joseph's, from 1954 to 1990.
I am currently putting together some information on the history of the Parish which will be on the website in the New Year.

There is a exhibition on display in the Church hall which details all the history of St. Joseph's, this includes many photographs and information
about St. Josephs and is well worth a visit to take a look.

There is also a bookmark available as a souvenir to mark the anniversary of the Church, they are available by all the doors of the Church, please take one and maybe pass them on to former Parishioners. If you are reading this and have moved away from the area please feel free to email me and I can organise to send one to you.

Many thanks go to everyone who helped make this as usual such a succesful evening, and especially to Mark and Chrys Healy who produced the bookmarks and the souvenir booklet produced in the same format as the original one from the opening ceremony in 1927.

If you would like a copy printed of any of the photographs below then please email me anne-thompson@stjosephsnewbury.org.uk also if you would
like a bookmark sent to you please use this email address.

I hope you enjoy the photographs below.


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Various photograph's taken during Mass in the evening
And then onto the party .....
Raise a glass to St. Joseph's  
16 years at St. Joseph's
between them - lets shake
on that!
Anniversary cake made by Tracey Goodall  
Watch your fingers!

Anniversary Display
This is in the Parish hall
now for you to see

Anniversary Display
This is in the Parish hall
now for you to see
I am sure I have seen this trio before!  
Another good party at
St. Joseph's
And finally ... someone has to tidy up ... who says men can't multi task!

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