Fr. Pat's 35th Ordination & 60th Birthday Celebrations
Sunday 3rd July 2011

On Sunday 3rd July 2011, many St. Joseph's Parishioners gathered in St. Joseph's hall to mark the occasion of Fr. Pat's 35th Ordination to the Priesthood and also his 60th Birthday.

Here are a few words that were displayed on a "Memory Lane" display on the day...

Father Pat joined us in 1998, born in Reading, he studied at All Hallows seminary in Dublin, was ordained in 1976 by Bishop Emery. After serving in a variety of parishes including Reading, Basingstoke and Maidenhead he was sent to St. Joseph’s.

During Father Pat’s time with us we have seen further development of the lay ministries and a continuing growth in the congregation, with a welcome increase in younger families from outside the area.
The parish pilgrimage to Lourdes is led by Father Pat and continues to be well supported and enjoyed. Father Pat is an ex Governor and current Chaplain of our local primary school St Joseph’s. He also enjoys a bit of a Parish get together and encourages regular social gatherings to celebrate both church and parishioners anniversaries.
As one of our parishioners noted, St Joseph’s is a welcoming, caring, dedicated parish. It appears to have been in the past and still is now, this is due in no small measure to the special Parish Priests and generations of supportive parishioners we have been blessed with.

And now a thank you from Fr. Pat ....

A VERY SINCERE THANK YOU: To you all who supported, provided food, attended, helped prepare the hall, did the catering, help with the bar service, who generously gave to the ‘secret collection, sent cards and presents. I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating my 60th birthday and 35th anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood. I was very humbled to receive so much affection and regard. A school friend of mine from my first day at primary school sent a card to me in which he wrote, ‘it must be a good feeling to be in a parish where they are prepared to make that amount of effort for you’. I am blessed by you all. I love this parish dearly. Thank you all so much. P.S. I have applied for the bus pass, it will come through in the next few weeks, and I am still admiring the iPod, and wondering how it works, but I am sure that others will teach me......Fr. Pat.

I hope you enjoy the photographs below that were taken on the day ..... I can conclude that everyone had a very enjoyable time.

Anne Thompson

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Oh gosh what's this - more technology?
A glass of wine and all will be fine!!
(He doesn't look convinced does he?)
Here's to the next 35 years ....
Keep pouring ....
Naughty ... but nice!  
Who supplied these photos?
Not me Gov!
The Big 60 - Free Bus Pass
on its way!
Who needs a glass!!!!
The professionals at work!  
Come on share the joke!
Not age related is it?

And after all that partying - time for a well earned sit down.
With a glass of wine ..... of course!