Nella's 100th Birthday Celebrations
Including Presentation of The Papal Blessing

Nella was born in Breda, Holland on 5th May 1910 (it was Ascension Day). Her father baptised her immediately as it was feared she would not live.  She lived in German-occupied Holland throughout the Second World War and at the end met my Dad who was a serving English soldier.  In February 1947, she joined my Dad in England and started worshipping at St. Joseph's, which she does to this day at the 11am Mass!  On her birthday last Wednesday, Father Pat presented her with the Papal Blessing.  She was delighted and amazed.  She also received a card from the Queen and a telegram from the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. She had a party for 50 people on Saturday at Coniston Court, St. Mary's Road, where she lives independently with support, in a flat.

Written by Mary Barnard - Nella's daughter

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The Papal Blessing received by Nella for her 100th Birthday
Presentation of The Papal Blessing and a bunch of tulips.
Presentation of the Papal Blessing
& flowers
Nella at home with all her flowers
Another at home with all her flowers