St. Joseph's Race Night ~ Including Photos from the evening.

On Friday 14th May 2010 St. Joseph's held their second "Race Night" in the Parish Hall.
The evening was very well attended and an estimated total of £800 was raised. This will be confirmed shortly.
The money was raised by ticket sales, sponsoring of all the races, buying a horse, betting throughout the night, and through various
kind donations, and every race was also kindly sponsored.

The monies raised will be split equally between two charities:

"The Canon Zollo Fund" which is for the Handicapped Children's Pilgrimage Trust. This will be used to send a handicapped child to Lourdes next year. Click here to view the website for HCPT
St. Joseph's Parish funds

Everyone enjoyed the evening and have commented saying the evening was a lot of fun. Everyone got very excited shouting their horse to the winning post.
Fr. Pats luck was somewhat different from the last Race Night we had, he only had one winner all night and none of his horses won their races!

Everyone enjoyed their fish and chip supper.

For every race the owner of the winning horse won either a bottle of Whiskey or a bottle of Gin, it was a good incentive to buy a horse!

You will see all the winners in the photographs below.

I am sure you would agree in saying a massive thank you to everyone who was involved in making the race night such a fantastic and successful evening, a lot of hard work went into organizing the event
and I am sure that this will become a yearly event.

Below are some photographs taken during the evening, click on the photo to view a larger image.

A huge thanks goes to Chris Bartlam who was the main organiser for this event, his hard work certainly paid off, Chris will confirm the actual amount raised very shortly and I will update it on here.


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Is it me or does everyone
look quite confused?
The Tote ready to take your money
The punters eagerly watch their horse!
And they are off ....
Who's that in the Royal Box?
Time to payout!
Not so confused now!
The first winning owner...
The second winning owner...
The third winning owner ...
The first female winning owner!
Still no winners for Fr. Pat
I don't mind you winning AGAIN - honest!
One more Gin left and still nothing for Fr. Pat
That's the last bottle of Gin .....
That's the last one - you are going to have to let it go ....
No winners tonight - but someone has to clear up!
Where shall I start?