St. Joseph's Parish Website

It has been seven years since the launch of St. Joseph's first Parish website.
The amount of visitors to the site in this time has been well beyond what I ever imagined, currently to date there have
been 31414 visitors. Every day there are always people logging on, and hopefully are able to find the information they
are looking for. We have noticed that it has proved extremely useful at Christmas and Easter when there are many different Mass times, this has also noticeably cut down the amount of calls to Fr. Pat enquiring about times of Masses.

I also believe that many people visiting the area also look at the website to find a Catholic Church, I have seen emails
from people asking, so it has also benefited in bringing visitors to St. Joseph's as well.

Photographs on the website are always popular, and it is good to be able to put photos from events on the website for
everyone to see. Also the photos from the Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes was very popular and this enabled people
who perhaps would want to see what it is like, to have that opportunity.

Fr. Pat once mentioned to me that it seemed very strange in the beginning getting requests for Baptism's by email!
I think this is now the norm for him and many requests are sent to him via email.

I hope that you have found the site useful, we are always open to new ideas if you would like to see something on the
site or have some ideas please let me know. I have a few requests that I am working on at the moment, including one
to display some information regarding Gift Aid which was requested by a Parishioner.

So many thanks for all your visits to the site, it really does make it worth while when I see so many people looking
at it.

If you know of someone who is unable to access the internet then I can arrange for them to see the website with
the help of mobile internet! Please ask them to phone me (I guess they can't email!) on 01635 42409.

Please feel free to email any comments or ideas to me -

Thanks again